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Pink birthday flowers

Category: Collections

pink flower cookies

Flowers for a birthday girl! My little sister had a birthday recently and I always send her cookies. 


'Raised' royal icing technique

Category: Tutorials

Daisy on gray

Time for a new tutorial!! This one is all about the super simple 'raised' royal icing technique! 

A tutorial: Fun with Stripes!

Category: Tutorials


Have a bunch of stencils but no airbrush? Looking for a unique and different way to decorate your cookie background? Have I got a fun tutorial for you!

Inspiring bathroom decor

Category: Collections

Lavender BATH sign

Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge # 4 is up and running. I'm happy to say that it's still open for another week - that is until September 7th! This month the challenge is - one image - and it happens to be of a powder room! 

Airbrushing Patterns

Category: Tutorials


When I posted this Father's Day cookie, I got a lot of questions about how I was able to airbrush that diamond pattern. I'm here today to show you! 

Giving the Gift of Thank You

Category: Collections

Butterfly cookie

I participated in a very special cause this week. With Anita, of Sweet Hope Cookies, coordinating the efforts - dozens, upon dozens of cookies were donated. Where are all these cookies going? They are going to be passed out to PALS - people living with ALS.



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